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Traffic. We get several thousand unique visitors a day. We get more traffic than any other site in Folsom!
Members. We have over 7,000 registered members, and thousands more who visit but have not registered.
Price. Have we mentioned that we’re cheaper than all the competition?

– Our site boasts 2,000-3,000 unique visitors a day!

– We rank highly in Google. Search around for things related to Folsom – you’ll notice we’re likely in the top 5! You can benefit from our high ranking.

– It’s cost-effective! We think you’ll find it’s a downright bargain!

Interested? Please email us at, and we can get you started! Thank you for supporting!


Frequently Asked Questions:

How much are your ads?
– We have several different types, from the small ‘business card’ ads to the banner and sky scrapers. Contact us for details.
We do have free listings in the yellow pages as well, but obviously, the exposure isn’t nearly as big.

How many times will people see my ad?

– MyFolsom.Com is currently averaging 1,500,000 ad views a month (there are 4+ ads on every page), with around 3,000 visitor sessions a day (that means 3,000 different people, and they all stay for a while). Depending on how many ads are in the rotation, your ad will will probably be seen anywhere from 3,000 – 20,000 times in any given month. Your ad rotation rate increases with less competition, so it’s a benefit to advertise immediately!

How many hits a day does get?

– If someone is trying to sell you web advertising and tells you how many “hits” they get, they are trying to deceive you in to thinking they have a more popular site than you’d think. A “hit” only means a file downloaded from a server… Any given web page could have 10 images and files on it – meaning 1 page = 10+ hits. We probably get 300,000-500,000 hits a day, but that’s not an indication of success. You want to look for page views (how many pages) and visitor sessions (how many unique visitors) when
you are looking at web advertising. Even if you don’t choose, please ask for the page views and visitor sessions!

Why your site over other Folsom media outlets?

Newspapers: ROI alone, it’s worth it. Sadly, paper newspapers are not the powerhouse they once were. People get their news on the web these days. You’d pay more for less exposure in a newspaper. Newspapers will sell you on their circulation, but they don’t tell you how many papers sit in racks unread, and how many people actually looked at your ad.

Phone Book: These thick yellow books go straight to the recycling bin for most residents now. The phone book can never replace personal recommendations, like in our forums! If you have an ad in the yellow pages, we suggest investing all of that money in web advertising next year.

Magazines: Magazines are expensive to create, and require a lot of money to make them work. We have very low overhead, so we can offer far cheaper prices, not to mention greater exposure.

Other websites:

Folsom Living: We’re often confused with another website in town, Folsom Living. We are not affiliated with Folsom Living. However, we beat them in traffic and price.

 The Telegraph: We beat them in traffic and price.

 Yelp: Yelp is national; however they do not have the Folsom market covered – people come to for restaurant reviews. Yelp’s prices are outrageous. $350 a month! You simply cannot get a return on investment in that.

I don’t have artwork. Can you do it for me?
Yes! Many of our ads on our site were created in-house, free of charge with a paid contract. Just email us.

Do you have mothly rates?
Yes! You can get an ad for as low as $100 per month. Book 6 months for $500 or a full year for $900.

Who do I contact to buy an ad or for more information?
Just email us at We’ll get you going.