Best of Folsom 2012

It’s been 10 years since we started the Best of Folsom campaign. Folsom has changed quite a bit! 10 years ago, Palladio Mall was a mere dream and an empty field, while Broadstone was largely undeveloped as well. The Iron Point shopping area was largely barren as well. The last 10 years have been good to Folsom.

This year, we decided to mix it up a bit. The goal of the Best of Folsom was to recognize local businesses and hopefully drive a little traffic their way. After all, Folsom dollars should support Folsom businesses! Since our goal was to support local businesses, we removed a number of chains and fast food restaurants from a number of lists. Though it likely did not impact many results, we heard your feedback. Next year these fast food restaurants and notable chains will be back, but we have some ideas to mix it up a bit. Stay tuned.

Hats off to Chicago Fire! It was a good year for them. Not only did they open their second location┬áin Folsom, they were also your choice for Restaurant of the Year.┬áIt was a good year for Bidwell Street Bistro as well… 4 awards and Best Waitress! Not bad!

Best Gift Shop:
1. Grapes & Ivy
2. Snooks
3. The Bag Lady
Best Beauty Salon:
1. Colourz
2. Hoshall’s for Hair
3. Maribou
Best Sutter Street Merchant:
1. Snook’s
2. The Bag Lady
3. The Black Rooster
Best Palladio Merchant:
1. Whole Foods
2. Chicago Fire
3. Panera Bread
Best Veterinarian:
1. Blue Ravine Animal Hospital
2. Pet Vets
3. Folsom Vet Hospital
Best Health Club:
1. California Family Fitness
2. 24 Hour Fitness
3. Broadstone Racquet Club
Best Grocery Store:
1. Trader Joe’s
2. Whole Foods
3. Raley’s
Best Park:
1. Lembi Park / Folsom Aquatic Center
2.Castle Park
3. Livermore Park
Favorite City Council Member:
1. Kerri Howell
2. Ernie Sheldon
3. Steve Miklos
Who MyFolsomites Want to Run for City Council:
1. Robert Giacommetti
2. John Gladding (aw, shucks!)
3. Steve “The Dad” Heard
Best Barber:
1. Lucky’s Barber Shop
2. Sport Clips
3. Folsom barber
Favorite Folsom Event:
1. Folsom LIVE
2. Folsom Rodeo & Cattle Drive
3. Concerts in the Park
Folsom’s “Next Big Thing”
1. Palladio Mall
2. Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill
3. Folsom Railroad Block
Best Perk of Living in Folsom:
1. American River Bike Trail
2. Safety
3. Location (close to everything)
Desired Business (You Listening, Palladio?)
1. Macy’s
2. Cheesecake Factory
3. Barnes & Noble
Folsomites Can’t Wait Until…
1. Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill
2. Palladio Mall Completion
3. Summer!
Best Bar:
1. Manderes
2. Samuel Horne’s
3. Streets of London
Best Wine Bar:
1. Back Wine Bar
2. Bidwell Street Bistro
3. The Cellar
Best Bartender:
1. Kevin Kindlespire, Folsom Lake Bowl
2. Andrew, Fat’s
3. Aaron, Bidwell Street Bistro
Best Waiter or Waitress:
1. Michelle Serrano, Bidwell Street Bistro
2. Mandi, Land Ocean
3. Jill, Strings
Best Place to Take a Date:
1. Bidwell Street Bistro
2. Sutter Street Steakhouse
3. Chez Daniel
Best Lunch Spot:
1. Bidwell Street Bistro
2. Jack’s Urban Eats
2. Karen’s Bakery
Best Desserts:
1. Karen’s Bakery
2. Bidwell Street Bistro
3. Snooks
Best Breakfast Spot:
1. Sutter Street Grill
2. Gold Miner Cafe
3. Karen’s
Best Happy Hour:
1. Fat’s
2. BJ’s
3. Sutter Street Steakhouse
Best Appetizers:
1. Fat’s
2. BJ’s
3. Manderes
[ad#SLOAN – 300×250] Best Sandwiches:
1. Beach Hut Deli
2. Panera Bread
3. Mr. Pickle 

Best Salads:
1. Jack’s Urban Eats
2. Karen’s Bakery
3. La Bou


Best Local Chain:
1. Chicago Fire
2. Fat’s
3. Jack’s Urban Eats

Best Vegetarian Food:
1. Freshii
2. Mylapore
3. Whole Foods
Best Bistro:
1. Bidwell Street Bistro
2. Jack’s Urban Eats
3. Manderes
Best Casual Dining:
1. BJ’s
2. Jack’s
3. Samuel Horne’s
Best Indian Food:
1. Ruchi Indian Cuisine
2. India House
3. Curry Club
Best Cultural Cuisine:
1. Old Europe
2. Kabob House
3. Ruchi Indian Cuisine
Best Thai Food:
1. Thai Paradise
2. Krua Thai
3. Thai Siam
Best Chinese Food:
1. Fat’s
2. Hop Sing
3. Sunny Garden
Best Sushi:
1. Blue Nami
2. Wasabi Sushi
3. Taiko Sushi
Best Italian Food:
1. Visconti
2. Sergio’s
3. Macaroni Grille 

Best Pizza:
1. Chicago Fire
2. Pizzeria Classico
3. Round Table Pizza


Best Mexican Food:
1. La Fiesta
2. Dos Coyotes
3. Mexquite

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Best Surf or Turf:
1. Sutter Street Steakhouse
2. Bidwell Street Bistro
3. Scott’s Seafood
Best Frozen Treat:
1. Nuyo
2. Cold Stone Ice Cream
3. Pinkberry
Best Coffee Bar:
1. Peet’s
2. Karen’s
3. Coffee Republic
Best Bicycle Shop:
1. Bicycles Plus
2. Folsom Bike
3. Bicycle Planet
Best New Restaurant 2012:
1. Blue Nami
2. Land Ocean
3. Chicago Fire
Best French Fries:
1. Bidwell Street Bistro
2. Jack’s Urban Eats
3. Red Robin
Best Burgers:
1. Bidwell Street Bistro
2. In-N-Out
3. Smashburger
Restaurant of the Year 2012:
1. Chicago Fire
2. Bidwell Street Bistro
3. Fat’s Asia Bistro and Dim Sum Bar
Best Tourist Spot:
1. Sutter Street
2. Folsom Bike Trail
3. Folsom Lake
Best Kept Secret:
1. CSUS Aquatic Center
2. Folsom Zoo
3. 48 Natoma Gallery
Best Place That Could Use Your Business:
1. Strings
2. Folsom Lake Bowl
3. Sutter Street
Best Place to Watch the Olympics:
1. Home
2. Folsom Lake Bowl
3. Folsom Sports Garage
Best Place to Ride out the 2012 Apocalypse…!
1. Home
2. Church
3. Folsom Lake Bowl