Folsom Bridges

In a city of rivers, crossing them has always been of paramount importance. In the early years, where Rainbow Bridge now stands, barges, pulled across the river on cables, moved passengers and freight across the river. A series of bridges have served residents since.

Suspension Bridge, 1861-1862 ~ 42 feet above the water, lost to the flood of 1862

Railroad Bridge, 1858-1866 — 92 feet above the water, Span 216~, cost $100,000

Ecklon Bridge, 1862-1892 (collapsed)

Truss Bridge, 1893-1918; 2000 – present

Orangevale Bridge, 1917 – present

Rainbow Bridge, 1919 – present

Truss Bridge, 2000 –

Lake Natoma Crossing, 2000

Folsom Lake Crossing, 2009 – present

Folsom is now home to 4 of the best looking bridges in Sacramento County. The Rainbow Bridge has been Folsom’s symbol since 1919. Shortly after the opening of Lake Natoma Crossing, the Historic Truss Bridge was re-installed, which re-opened a stretch of the American River bike trail. The newest bridge, Folsom Lake Crossing, does not cross Folsom Lake, but replaces the Folsom Dam Road. It is know by locals as Johnny Cash Crossing – the name was popular, but City Council decided against it.

Lake Natoma Crossing

Rainbow Bridge

Historic Truss Bridge