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Folsom Attractions:
Best of Folsom
Are you an out-of-towner looking for the best place to eat of get a haircut? Locals share their secrets on their favorite spots. Anything on this list is likely a “sure thing”.
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Folsom Lake Folsom Lake [ Maps: Boating / Trails / Fishing ]
Folsom Lake is Northern California’s most popular fresh water lake. Take a look at the various amenities the lake provides, from camping grounds to boat launch points.
Folsom Dam Folsom Dam
The Dam, an integral part of the history of Folsom, is one of the most commonly overlooked attractions to Folsom.
Lake Natoma Lake Natoma
With the creation of the dam, Lake Natoma has become a very popular recreational area for rowers, windsurfers, and swimmers.
Folsom Prison Folsom Prison
Most associate Folsom with its famous prison and its notable inmates. The occasional lunch whistle is usually the only reminder of the 6,000 prisoners of this facility, however.
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Folsom Yellow Pages Folsom Yellow Pages
Looking for a Folsom business? Find it in’s Folsom Yellow Pages. Includes ratings and coupons!
Sutter Street Sutter Street
Long considered the “heart” of Folsom, Sutter Street brings you back to the days of the Gold Rush. Its distinct beauty make it a ‘must-see’ on any visit to Folsom.
Folsom Powerhouse Folsom Powerhouse
Although no longer in operation, the Powerhouse is still open to the public, where you can find out all about its unique history.
Folsom Parks Folsom Parks
See what parks are in the area, and see what you may have missed! Includes many pictures of some of our best parks!
Folsom Zoo Folsom Zoo
It’s more than dogs and cats! The zoo may be small in size, but it’s big in character. It’s long been a popular place to take the young’uns on an educational trip.
Folsom's 3 Bridges Folsom’s Bridges
Rainbow Bridge, Lake Natoma Crossing, and the Historic Truss Bridge are excellent symbols of the natural (and man-made) beauties of Folsom.
Folsom Restaurant Reviews Folsom Restaurant Reviews
Looking for a new place to eat? MyFolsom.Com gives you a run-down of some of the best places to eat in Folsom.
Getting Started:
Folsom Real Estate Folsom Real Estate
Looking to live in Folsom? We have a run-down of most of the major areas in Folsom – you may be able to find the area right for you.
Folsom Slang Folsom Slang
Folsom potatoes, Rad Hills, Zittle’s, China wall? What on earth are we saying? Find out here with our guide to Folsom’s local dialect.
Folsom Maps Folsom Maps
Looking for a place to go hiking or ride your bike? Check out the trails in the Folsom area, and other assorted maps.
Schools in Folsom Schools
New to the area or looking in to moving to Folsom? Come check out some of Folsom’s local schools, from elementary up to junior college.
Clubs & Organizations in Folsom Clubs & Organizations
Get involved! Here’s a run-down of just about every group and organization that’s in Folsom. E-mail us if you’d like to add yours!
Moving In to Folsom Moving In
The little stuff that you need to take care of when you move in to Folsom. Cable, Phone, Internet, stuff like that.
Churches & Synagogues in Folsom Churches & Synagogues
If you’re new to town, you may be interested in seeing what churches are in your area. Take a peek and even check out some of their websites to see what they’re all about.
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