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Local Housing Market Gets a Bounce

Posted on: May 12, 2020

The coronavirus and resulting ‘stay home’ orders had a swift and hard impact on the local housing market, but now the market seems to be rebounding.

Looking at the Tri-County (Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado) region, sales were down about 30% in April.

In the weeks after the state issued their ‘stay home except for essential needs’ order, 629 sellers pulled their homes off the market, and another 230 put them on temporary hold.

I think it’s important to note that cancellations are a normal part of the real estate market, as sellers can change their minds about whether, when or how they are going to sell.

The cancellation figure was an increase of 99 over the same period in 2019.

1855 homes went pending (sellers accepted offers), which is a 30% decrease from last year. Still, despite the ‘stay home’ orders, 1855 buyers had their offers accepted in April.

Looking at Folsom specifically, 47 homes went pending in April, 21 listings were canceled, and 5 were on temporary hold.

As of May 1, state and local governments allowed in-person showings of occupied homes, provided buyers, sellers and agents take necessary precautions.

The result? The Tri-County area saw 779 new listings, and 849 pending since then.

In Folsom, 37 homes went pending in 9 days. Remember, there were only 47 for the entire month of April.

Prices remain strong. While there were and always will be homes that are overpriced and sell for less than list, Folsom’s average price per square foot was $289 in April. That’s the third consecutive month prices have been above the 2006 peak price of $271 per foot.

It seems the combination of low rates (mid 3’s) and pent-up demand are pushing the market forward.

Looking at Folsom homes for sale today, there are 117, ranging in price from $419,000 to $1,295,000, with an average list price of $659,000.

It remains to be seen how the coronavirus and our response to it will affect the market moving forward.

As we ease up on restrictions, I think we’ll see a movement toward higher sales, but if employment doesn’t recover quickly, whatever time frame that may be, I wouldn’t be surprised to see buyers pull back.

I’ve talked to buyers who have concerns about the future, but don’t want to miss out on these low rates, which are making housing more affordable.

My daughter is pretty typical of buyers I’ve talked to. She’s confident in our future, and doesn’t want to miss out on low interest rates, so she and her husband are buying a bigger home for their growing family, but she also concerned, worried that her own home won’t sell.

Time will tell. I’ll be back soon with further updates.

In the meantime, if you want further info, maybe get some data for your town or neighborhood, or just need a shoulder to cry on, hit me up.

Steve Heard is a Realtor with EXP of California, DRE#01368503, and owner of – Reach Steve at 916 718 9577 or email

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COVID 19 Update – City of Folsom’s Guidelines for Reopening

Posted on: May 11, 2020
The city of Folsom released a statement today on the City’s plans for phased reopening of the economy
The City of Folsom stands ready to support the phased reopening of local businesses. Here are some of the tools available to help businesses reopen once authorization is announced by Governor Gavin Newsom and Sacramento County Department of Public Health Services. We encourage you to plan and prepare in advance for a safe and prosperous reopening. 

Social Distancing Protocol Guidelines
Social Distancing Protocol Guidelines are available to help businesses prepare for Sacramento County requirements, directives, and orders on:


Face coverings and masks

Protecting employee health

Preventing crowds from gatheringEnsuring physical distancing of 6 feetSanitation

City Measures to Support Businesses
The City of Folsom issued an Emergency Order to support local businesses and economic development during this public health and economic crisis.

Signage: Requirements and regulations in the Folsom Municipal Code for temporary on-site signage (A-frame, window signs, banner signs) have been temporarily suspended to allow increased business advertisement and promotion, as long as signs do not interfere with vehicle and pedestrian paths of travel (roads, sidewalks, walkways, trails).

Fee Deferrals: Temporary deferral of some or all of the city’s development impact fees and waiver of certain development processing fees for qualified affordable housing projects are available through Chapter 16.60 of the Folsom Municipal Code.

Temporary deferral of some or all of the city’s development impact fees for qualified residential and commercial projects are available through Chapter 16.80 of the Folsom Municipal Code.

Fee Waiver. Temporarily suspends business license, permitting requirements, and fees for home occupation so long as the home occupation complies with the operational requirements in the Folsom Municipal Code.

Local Vendor Preference. The local contract preference has been increased to 25 percent when the City of Folsom is evaluating bids for supplies, equipment, and services. 

Businesses Allowed Use of Public Spaces. City-owned public properties—such as outdoor plazas, closed streets, and public parking spaces—can be temporarily used for outdoor dining, once sit-down dining is permitted by the Sacramento County Health Officer. Restaurants must obtain a temporary permit from the Community Development Department and follow city requirements. Staff will process temporary permits within three business days.

Retail and Restaurant Curbside Pickup. The temporary use of city-owned non-ADA public parking spaces is allowed for curbside restaurant food and retail merchandise pickup from essential businesses. These city-owned, non-ADA public parking spaces will be available to other Folsom businesses and retailers when the Sacramento County Health Officer allows their operation. Businesses desiring to use city parking spaces for curbside pickup must obtain a temporary permit from the Community Development Department. Businesses operating curbside pickups on private property should contact the property owner for approval.

Other Measures. Folsom Municipal Code rules on the frequency of garage sales are temporarily suspended. Six-foot social distancing must be maintained at all times, except for people in the same household. Public Works projects in the public rights-of-way—including construction and maintenance—should take place outside of regular business hours when feasible, to minimize disruption to commercial and business operations. Provisions in the Folsom Municipal Code and Conditional Use Permits limiting or restricting the hours of delivery of goods and supplies to businesses are temporarily suspended.

The Emergency Order will remain in effect until termination of the local emergency by the Folsom City Council.

Retail and Restaurant Curbside Pickup in Folsom Historic District

Retail and restaurant curbside pickup zones in Folsom’s Historic District have been established on the following roadways with specific zone designations for coordination between customers and businesses:
Sutter Street, between Decatur and Scott streets, Riley Street, south of Sutter Street, Wool Street, north and south of Sutter Street, Decatur Street, south of Sutter Street Gold Lake Drive, north of Leidesdorff Street

map of curbside pickup zones is available. Food or merchandise must be picked up within 15 minutes.

Curbside Checkout Safety Measures
It is important for the safety of employees and customers to have a process in place for curbside pickups. The following steps may be utilized to expedite curbside pickup in an efficient and safe manner:  

Post a sign near the main entrance and/or instructions on the business website regarding ordering and curbside pickup procedures. Include information to instruct customers, such as:

After receiving notification that your order is ready for pickup, via phone, email, or text, please come to the designated curbside pickup area to retrieve your order.

Call the store to notify that you’ve arrived; phone number _______________
Provide your first and last name, order number, and vehicle make/color to the team member on the phone.

Please be patient while we work to bring your order to your car or as instructed by the team member.

Additional information regarding COVID-19 guidance for restaurants and beverage vendors offering takeout or curbside pickup can be found on the United States Department of Labor website.

Permit and Inspection Processes and Online Permits
Customers may still drop off documentation for permits and other submittals at City Hall. However, we encourage you to use our online services.

he City of Folsom Community Development Department offers streamlined, web-based platforms for commercial and residential planning, building, engineering, and tree permit applications and plan review.

Through Folsom’s ePlan review, customers can submit digital applications and plans directly to the city electronically without having to leave their home or business.

The ePermit Center serves as a one-stop site for applications and review of building, planning, engineering, and tree permit applications, plans, and documents. Customers may still drop off documentation for permits and other submittals at City Hall. However, we encourage you to use our online services.

The City of Folsom is still conducting building permit inspections for commercial and residential projects in the usual manner. For private residential inspections, building inspectors are minimizing entry into private residential homes. For the health and safety of everyone, they will not enter apartment units for inspection unless it is an emergency.

Environmental & Water Resources Advises Businesses To Flush Water Lines Before Reopening
The Folsom Environmental & Water Resources Department is urging businesses that are reopening after a prolonged closure due to the Stay-at-Home order to flush all their water lines in their buildings to ensure water quality and proper operations of the plumbing system. Water that has remained in pipes and not used during the mandatory shutdown can have poor quality, lack of chlorine residual, and become the source of water-borne illnesses.

All non-residential customers, including commercial properties and schools, are urged to flush the stagnant water before using.

To successfully flush the lines, the old water that has been sitting since the closure began in mid-March needs to be disposed of by running the tap from all points, such as showers and sink faucets, until fresh water comes through.

Hot water should be flowing at its hottest temperature.

Since correct flushing of water systems varies with the type of property, it is recommended that customers check the eight-step guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The guidelines can be found at:

The Folsom Environmental and Water Resources Department is committed to providing customers with safe, high-quality and reliable water.
The City of Folsom will do everything possible to support our businesses during this challenging time. City Hall remains open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and we are adhering to social distancing guidelines. 
For more City of Folsom COVID-19 information and business resources, visit or contact or 916-461-6210. 
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