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Update on the Water Situation

Posted on: March 17, 2014


Take a look at the photos above.  On the left we see Folsom Lake as it should be. On the right, that’s what it’s looked like in recent months. It is getting better, though.

From the City of Folsom:

The good news is that inflow into Folsom Reservoir is now exceeding outflow.  However, even with February rains, the reservoir is still significantly below capacity, and Sierra snowpack is far below normal as the statewide drought continues.

Marcus Yasutake, Folsom’s Environmental and Water Resources Director, provided a water supply update at the March 11th City Council meeting.
Yasutake noted that:

 Folsom Reservoir is currently at 380,950 acre feet (approximately 38 percent capacity), compared to 199,639 acre feet in December 2013 when Folsom implemented the Stage 3 Water Warning (note that as of today, the lake stands at 398,797 acre feet, approximately 41% of capacity).


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New Restrictions Hit Bars on Sutter

Posted on: January 31, 2014

Sutter at night

The Folsom City Council passed an amended resolution Tuesday night,  establishing the hours that the Historic District bars can offer live entertainment.

Before the Council voted, several business owners, including the owners of the Folsom Hotel, Powerhouse Pub and Snooks Candies spoke, asking that the resolution be changed, allowing live entertainment to go on until midnight on Wednesdays, rather than 11pm as proposed.

One owner said they would actually voluntarily close earlier than the law allows, and even offer a shuttle to the under-used parking structure to keep people from parking in the residential areas.